Welocme New Vicar and Pastor
Notes From Pastor Strutz

Pastor Andrew Ewings grew up in DeForest Wisconsin his father is pastor Jerry Ewings who has served at Lord of Love for many years and also at Lakeside Lutheran High School.

Pastor Ewings attended Lakeside Lutheran High School in Lake Mills and Martin Luther College in New Ulm Minnesota. Pastor spent time in China with the Friends of China program where MLC students and graduates take time to teach English in a Chinese school. In their spare time students have opportunities to witness conduct Bible classes Etc.

In Andrews case he also fell in love with  his now wife Ivy. Her family still lives in China and word on the street is that Ivy is a fantastic cook especially of Chinese food (the real stuff not the stuff that you get at Panda Express). They will be spending a month this summer in China before joining us in Monroe. This will be Ivy`s first time seeing her family since they have been married.

Vicar Jordan Uhlhorn grew up in Scottsdale Arizona where he attended Arizona Lutheran Academy. He he is a runner and basketball player, and yes I may have included in a prayer or two that all thing considered a runner might be nice. I promise it was not at the top of my list of qualifications though. Vicar is single.

Vicar Uhlhorn actually wore his orange RLC t-shirt under his choir gown for the Seminary graduation concert.

We at RLC can`t say enough how excited we are to welcome Pastor Ewings and Vicar Uhlhorn and every indication from call day is that the feeling is mutual.


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