Thanksgiving baskets for BPNN
The following is the list of items needed for Thanksgiving baskets for BPNN:  

2    Chicken or Turkey Gravy    10.5 oz. cans
1    White Rice (not instant)    2 lb. bag
1    French Cut Green Beans    14.5 oz. can
1    Fruit Cocktail/Mixed Fruit    15.25 oz. can
1    Mandarin Oranges    15 oz. can
1    Pineapple Chunks    20 oz. can
1    Vegetable Oil    32 oz.
1    Evaporated Milk    12 oz. can

They would also greatly appreciate a $15 donation along with each "basket" of food.  Just like in the past, the individual donors should write a check to the church,and then the church can write one heck to BPNN with the note "Thanksgiving meal" in the memo.  This will help offset the cost of turkeys and frozen pies.  Thanksgiving baskets can be dropped off in the church office by Kathy`s desk.  The DEADLINE for food donations is Sunday, November 11.

In addition to food donations, BPNN is looking for 4 additional volunteers for Wednesday, November 14, from 12:30-2:35pm.  These folks will be cart assistants helping our patrons move their carts through the line to collect food.  They will help people load their carts and bring the carts back for other shoppers.  Contact the Kathy in the church office to volunteer,

Thank you for your help!   ...more

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