Special midweek services will be held for the season of Lent. Lent is the forty day season when we focus on Jesus` suffering and death. We see how much he sacrificed and how much he loves us.

Three special reasons to attend these special services (which will all be different from any Sunday service).

1. The Lenten hymns are awesome! So focus on Christ and his love for us.

2. The Passion reading. We will hear again the specific details of Jesus` suffering and death.

3. Special sermons. Pastor Ewings and Vicar will prepare special sermons, along with Pastors Moldenhauer and Cortright from Our Redeemer in Madison and Pastor Bauer from Good News in Mt. Horeb.

Here are the special service dates and times. Note that a meal is served prior to each one.

Monroe: Meal at 6 pm. Service at 7 pm.

Last Lent Service April  10

Verona:Meal at 5:30 pm. Service at 6:30 pm.

Last Lent Service April  11

*Note these five dates are Thursdays and will be our Thursday worship service that week.


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