A Note From Ali..
Pastor Strutz and Resurrection Family,

We pray this finds you all doing well. We are enjoying the sunshine and warmth of not only Florida but the many people here at Crown of Life Christian Church and in Fort Myers, Florida.

Timothy just arrived for Thanksgiving and we are super excited to see him and have him home with us!  Our family extends it`s love and thanks to all of you for your continued support of Tim`s education at Luther Preparatory School. He continues to be thankful for a place he can use and grow his God given gifts. Tim finished up his varsity football season and has begun wrestling for the first time. He continues to play the upright bass and sing in choir. He is having fun with two languages, German and Latin and is looking forward to finishing up this semester! He is still considering the ministry and we ask for your continued prayers not only for him but for all those at Luther Preparatory School. What a blessing this school is for so many!

Please also pray for our ministry down here in Florida. Crown of Life Christian Academy continues to grow! We serve ages 2- 6th grade and I am currently serving as the 3rd-6th grade teacher of 17 students. It has been a challenging blessing for sure! We can definitely see God`s hand at work!

We miss all of you and enjoy reading the RLC notes to keep up to date on your ministry as well!

Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Your Sister in Christ,

Ali Manning


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